Effective Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Stress, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and bad habits – everyday attributes of almost every modern man – lead not only to poor health, but also to problems in sexual sphere. Need for medical solution to problem of impotence occurs in elderly and in young people. And feeling of false modesty causes representatives of the stronger sex to postpone visit to doctor, but in vain. After all, the earlier diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction begin, the sooner it will be possible to return to full sexual life.

Complex Treatment of Impotence – Key to Success

Impotence implies inability to complete sexual intercourse due to complete absence of erection or its instability. However, it is not necessary to denote by this term situation when «failure» occurred only once. There are many reasons why a perfectly healthy man may not be ready for sex, so if you first encounter such incident – take him calmly, this happens with almost everyone. Doctors recommend to seek advice when problems with erection occur more often than with every fourth sexual intercourse.

What causes impotence? An important role in mechanism of appearance of erection is played by several factors at once, and failure at any level will affect final result.

Psychological. Excitation begins «from above»: a man should experience positive emotions, be calm and relaxed. Essential in process of sexual excitement is behavior of a woman, sometimes an awkward word or excessive insistence on her part can significantly weaken erection.Erectile Dysfunction treatmentHormone. Reduction in production of male sex hormones usually occurs with age, but in some cases this phenomenon appears due to disease of endocrine system. In recent years, doctors have increasingly diagnosed impotence in young men who are obese: excess fatty tissue changes hormonal background of a person.

Neurological. Erectile dysfunction can be a consequence of disruption of central or peripheral nervous system – after a disease or due to long-term use of certain medications (antidepressants, beta-blockers, anti-allergic drugs and others).

Vascular. Since erection of penis occurs due to filling of its tissues with blood, vascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and hypertension can adversely affect erection. Often, it is vascular factor that causes impotence in men in adulthood.

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Anatomical. Due to some congenital features of structure of genitourinary system, and also as a result of operations or accidents, problems with normal filling of penis with blood in process of excitation may arise. Sometimes anatomical factor is added to psychological – once experienced pain shock in trauma, a man can subconsciously be afraid of sexual contacts, which will make erection impossible.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, known worldwide as the author of musical «The Phantom of the Opera» and «Cats», publicly admitted that he became impotent after a surgery to remove tumor of prostate gland. Unfortunately, this is a frequent consequence of such interventions, because paramount task of doctors is to save patient’s life and prevent incontinence. Meanwhile, regular prophylactic examination of prostate at urologist makes it possible to identify and treat adenoma or cancer at early stages, which does not lead to loss of sexual function.

Today, sexologists can help almost every patient. Medicine has a wide arsenal of methods to combat erectile dysfunction, and competent diagnosis allows you to choose from them the most effective.

Specialists strongly recommend not to engage in self-medication. Prospect of returning erection through pills and various technical devices advertised on television and in the Internet seems tempting, but at best this approach will provide only temporary result, and at worst it will do much to aggravate the problem.

Modern Methods of Treating Erectile Dysfunction

In rare cases, doctor appoints single method of treatment, focused on eliminating pathological factor. Much more often, especially at «neglected» form of impotence (when patient did not immediately seek advice) and for men of mature age, integrated approach is effective. It is characterized by combination of therapeutic techniques and is aimed not only at rapid restoration of sexual function, «correction of the breakdown», which initially led to the disease, but also at eliminating low self-confidence that develops in most patients.


In situation when erection is absent not always, but only during intercourses, doctors talk about psychogenic nature of erectile dysfunction. Thus excitation can be reached at masturbation or during dream. Often, to help patient, there is no need to prescribe pharmaceuticals or medical procedures, it is enough to visit qualified psychotherapist (sometimes together with a partner). Expert will help you understand your emotions and advise effective techniques aimed at restoring sensuality, overcoming barriers and creating romantic atmosphere in bedroom.

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Drug Treatment

People traditionally perceive drugs for erectile dysfunction as miracle pills, after which sexual function is instantly restored – only for a few hours. Similarly, for example, means based on sildenafil or tadalafil work. Other drugs are aimed at eliminating the root cause of the disease. This can be, for example, hormonal drugs prescribed by doctor, vitamins and dietary supplements that help normalize operation of gonads, drugs that improve performance of impulses along nerve fibers and so on.

By the way, medicines for impotence do not always take form of pills: some patients are prescribed treatment in the form of ointments, injections, rectal suppositories and solutions for administration directly to external opening of urethra. Success of such therapy is determined by individual characteristics of each patient, so you should be prepared for possible side effects, and also observe certain rules (for example, introduction of certain medications requires mandatory use of condoms).

Vacuum Therapy

Another common method of treating erectile dysfunction is use of negative pressure, created with the help of special mechanical devices, which must be used immediately before sexual intercourse. Vacuum pump pumps blood into penis, after which erection is held with a special ring worn on the base of the organ. This approach allows maintaining «working» penis condition for up to 30 minutes, which is quite acceptable for some patients as a symptomatic therapy for impotence. But vacuum method can not provide complete cure for erectile dysfunction.


Massage of perineum and pelvic organs is an important method that is used in complex treatment of erectile dysfunction. Improvement of blood circulation in this area contributes to activation of metabolic processes, vasodilatation and effectiveness of drug therapy used. Important is also psychological component: sessions of massage increase sensitivity of sexual organs, relieve stress.

Exercise Therapy

Therapeutic exercise at impotence is another auxiliary technique that is aimed at strengthening muscles involved in sexual intercourse and improving blood circulation in intimate zone. Its importance can not be overestimated: often the disease develops in men who lead sedentary lifestyle, for whom even before appearance of the problem with erection it was difficult to actively participate in sexual intercourse.

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Another task of exercise therapy is to eliminate effects of chronic constriction of pelvic organs, which is a consequence of wearing tight underwear or tight trousers. Daily exercise according to technique proposed by a specialist in treatment of erectile dysfunction will help not only to improve quality of sex, but will also prevent vascular disorders in men who have experienced psychogenic impotence or impotence due to hormonal disorders.

Surgical Treatment

If conservative treatment is found to be ineffective and there is no chance of restoring natural function of penis, doctor will recommend surgery on vessels or prosthesis of penis. Modern approaches to surgery allow a man to return joy of sexual life in 95% of cases, and patient no longer needs to refer to «emergency pills» or vacuum pump. The main disadvantage of surgical method is high cost of surgery, as well as possible individual contraindications to it, which is undesirable to be performed at elderly people.you can fight impotence

Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy is an innovative approach to treatment of erectile dysfunction, which has already proved its effectiveness in treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system and cardiovascular system. Its action is based on stimulating effect of acoustic waves that trigger growth of new blood vessels, which in turn normalizes mechanism of erection even in patients with severe microcirculation disorders. Doctors note that the result is noted after two weeks of short-term procedures and remains for at least a year after the start of treatment. Shock wave therapy has no side effects, it allows you to reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate intake of medications. This method is able to help most men with impotence.

Although erectile dysfunction does not pose immediate threat to life of a man, treatment of this disease is extremely important for his well-being and mood, and for maintaining harmonious relationships in family. It is no accident that initiators of visit to doctor are often women, concerned about health of the partner. Trustful relations with doctor and optimistic attitude are a pledge of successful solution to the problem of impotence.

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