Canadian Health&Care Mall: Interesting Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s garraple with the main interesting fact concerning erectile dysfunction collected by Canadian Healt&Care Mall. These are the most inteersting about it.

Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Fact #1. Administration of Drugs for Prevention of Hair Loss or Prostate Inflammation

The medicines used for baldness and prostate inflammation treatment can possess side effects, such as erectile dysfunction and decrease in libido at some men.
These preparations work, reducing amount of dihydrotestosterone circulating in blood. Digidrotestosteron is a male sex hormone which controls a sexual inclination. Though the use of such medicines can really help at hair loss and at inflammatory processes with prostate, hormonal changes can result in inability to reach an erection.

Fact #2. Gums Inflammation

What connection between gums and carvenous body? According to recently conducted research, existence of periodontal disease (chronic inflammation and infection of gums) considerably increases risk of erectile dysfunction development. The research conducted on mice accurately shows dependence between diseases of gums and erectile dysfunction, however, so far the communication reason between these two problems at the person is still not clear.
The gums inflammation of is an indicator of the general ill health, and also is connected with the increased risk of development cardiovascular diseases that is one more risk factor for emergence of erectile dysfunction. Diseases of gums can result from emergence of problems with a blood-groove that can be quite perhaps provoked by existence of problems with a blood-groove and in other parts of a body. Improve your health state with remedies of Canadian Health&Care Mall.Facts about ED

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Fact #3. Your Wife is on Friendly Terms with your Friends

The fact is that psychological factors exert important impact on sexual function, here one more is well-known: your wife spends more time with your male friends, than you are. Researchers who have interrogated more than 3000 men at the age of 57-85 years have found out that they are man whose wives too close communicate with their friends experience difficulties with erection in 92 percent of cases.
Experts have assumed that it can be connected with social ideas of courage at young people and average age of men. At men at the age of 70-80 years such an association disappeared, it is possible because elderly men have ideas of courage a bit different.

Fact #4. Driving Bicycle

The Scythians, Iranian riders living in period of an iron era in the 9th century BC have revealed connection between impotence and fans of horse riding. It turns out that similar modern activity, driving bicycle, also increases risk of development of erectile dysfunction.
Research of 2005 makes conclusion that at about 4 percent of men of cyclists who spend not less than three hours a week driving “two-wheeled friend” suffer from the most severe type of erectile dysfunction while among runners, such percent are equal to one. When you sit, all weight loading is share of nerves and arteries which bear blood to penis. Eventually these arteries are injured that leads to decrease in blood stream to carvenous body, thereby risk of erectile dysfunction development considerably increases.

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