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Any man can face a problem of age erectile dysfunction sooner or later. Modern technologies of treatment will help to prolong quality of his life (and, not only sexual). What doctor is it better to address?

“Male” doctors

Ten or fifteen years ago the urologist was considered nearly as the only doctor to whom the man could handle problems of treatment urinogenital and sexual spheres. Erection violation was tried to be reduced to therapy of prostate diseases. But according to all available data from direct link between erection quality and prostate condition isn’t present.

Now the special sphere of medicine which is engaged in treatment of erectile dysfunction – sexology is allocated. The sexologist has to have knowledge in a complex, understand endocrinology, urology, neurology, psychology, psychiatry. The doctor is authorized to appoint to the patient all necessary researches: the analysis of prostatic fluid, ultrasonography diagnostics, blood test on determination of hormones level, blood test on cancer-specific marker (it is considered obligatory for men is more senior than fifty years). But in some cases it is better to entrust treatment of erectile dysfunction to the andrologist. And after that order necessary medications via website Canadian HealthCare Mall.

The andrologist is known as the doctor who is urged to cure diseases only of male genitals. Unlike the urologist he shouldn’t be engaged in diseases of all urinogenital system, including urinary tract, kidneys, bladder and so forth.

men with erectile dysfunction

Time Factor of Problem

As a rule, erectile dysfunction begins to disturb men who are more senior than fifty years when there is physiological climax. At women this period is capable to pass brightly, with obvious, very noticeable manifestations, and men have this stage usually smoother. The hormonal status changes, work of endocrine glands becomes more silent. Therefore working capacity, sexual and intellectual opportunities decreases, fertilization function will atrophy. The person feels that he gradually grows old.

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Pathological Climax

There can be also pathological climax. Ahead of time there is a decrease in one function, usually – sexual. At the man in the middle age can observe total loss of libido, decline in quality of erection, ability to carry out sexual intercourse is also lost. Improve your health with Canadian HealthCare Mall.
The pathological climax is usually connected with the general disease such as:

  • diabetes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension;
  • defeats of cardiovascular system.

It is capable to lead to problem and internal genitals illness:

  • vesiculitis;
  • prostatitis;
  • prostatic adenoma.

Problem time in bed are caused by the malfunctions in nervous system work connected with backbone condition. Therefore process of erectile dysfunction treatment at pathological climax is begun with therapy of the main disease.

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