Guidelines How to Live without Stress

Human life is an invaluable gift. Unfortunately, people forget about this fact, transforming their lives into a string of dull and dreary days. How to break this vicious circle? How to start enjoying your life in spite of everything? How to start “living”? Canadian Health&Care Mall will guide you.family2

In fact, you can develop the ability to enjoy your life the same as you develop other skills. However, there are exceptions. For example, in rare cases, a person can not experience positive emotions because of irregularities in the brain or due to prolonged use of certain types of drugs. Certain diseases also lead to long-term depression. Of course, in such situations, a person needs qualified medical help. But in other cases, each person can independently change his life. There is no universal formula for happiness. But there is a wisdom accumulated for centuries and there is a whole science devoted to the subject. All this knowledge may become an assistant guide for anyone who wants to learn to love and enjoy life. The past and the present researchers are paying particular attention to the following factors that influence the perception of life.

Inferiority complex

Everyone knows about inferiority complex. Man imposes himself an ideal image, which must comply with, and then he suffers a long time, because the only thing a person sees is his imperfection, comparing himself with the invented ideal. The difficulty is that the ideal forms in the childhood, at the subconscious level. A person has to undergo long and hard work to consciously accept himself with all the advantages and disadvantages. But the result is worth it. The only one who truly loves himself – really loves life and other people.

Control and condemnation

complexIt’s difficult to imagine the destructive power of desire to control everything that happens. Blame and attempt to change the world and the people in accordance with the own worldview leads to the inner desolation, to the disappearance of harmony, and in addition to the denial of personality. Getting rid of the desire to control events, family, friends, and yourself, you may get free from criticism of the world, from the emphasis on the negative, and then it is possible to see the beautiful side of life.

So, the second way to learn how to enjoy life is to accept life in all its diversity. A man can find positive sides in everything. You should take the family with all disadvantages. Every time when you have a desire to show discontent, you need to find a way to change your attitude to what is happening. Of course, sometimes you have to change not the attitude, but the situation, but this should be done without inner conviction.

The lack of internal development

As soon as the personal growth ceases, the life becomes a survival. It is not always felt on the material level. But inside there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, vague anxiety. Therefore, one should never stop in the personal development. Limits of perfection do not exist. Even when you achieve wealth, you should not forget about spiritual development. If your life has become a constant running around, you should stop and analyze, in what area you would like to show yourself. Personal growth leads to fulfillment and it is one of the best ways to start enjoying life again.

Emphasis on the past or the future

Each person has an internal dialogue, which rarely stops. An internal dialogue is a curtain, woven of thoughts about the past and future, which hides now. In modern psychology, one of the most effective ways to learn how to enjoy life is the ability to live in the present. This method is used even in the treatment of severe depression. Live here and now, leaving the past and trusting in the future. Here and now – look around, not evaluating what is good and what is bad. Look at the life, feel its pulse in every sound in every breath. Feel the moment with all your heart, till you don’t want to embrace the whole world. This feeling occurs when the internal dialogue ceases, and the beauty of every moment reveals. Ask yourself all the time: “Where am I?” and answer: “I am here and now ” The ability to enjoy life depends on this skill.

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Lack of energy

Sometimes trouble and lack of implementation absorb the person so deeply, that you have neither strength nor the desire to change anything. How to make yourself enjoy life in such a case? First, we need to raise the level of life energy. There is a lot of literature on the subject, it is necessary to choose the most appropriate one for you in a specific case and proceed to action. It can be energetic practice and exercise, or the transition to proper nutrition. As soon as the level of vitality increases, you get a strength to move on to find inner happiness.

Do you have any reason to enjoy your life every day? Someone might say that he has thousands of them, and somebody won’t call any. But we know at least 10 reasons that will help you to enjoy your life and appreciate what you have.

Reasons to enjoy life


You can already start to enjoy life with the awareness of your own existence. You wake up in the morning, learn the world, think, dream, smile, overcome disagreement and meet joy. It’s great to be a part of the world, be able to change, create, give and receive! Breathe deeply, feel the breeze, walk barefoot on the grass, dive into a sweet sleep, sit around thinking, looking at the fire, make a wish on a shooting star, plunge into cold water. Feel and live!

Parental love

Think of your family and loved ones. It is remarkable when you understand them! In a moment of desperation you need to see a helping hand, feel support and understanding, hear good advice and comforting words when there is the whole family at the festive table, when there is an atmosphere of parental love and warmth in the house…Not everyone is lucky to have a family, value yours!


This is the main component of our lives! For some, love turns to the meaning of life, an obsession to find your soul mate, it’s a hard task to love and feel loved. To find true love is no less difficult than to make a career or wealth. With love we go through life, continue our generation, through love we suffer, rejoice and, what is the most important, feel useful and alive. Love creates a family, which you want to return into after a day, which you would like to rest and spend the weekend. Love is our soul.


Acquaintance with the world, recognition of cultures, religions, histories. Each people relates to traveling in his own way, where the influencing factor could be the state of health or the lifestyle, but still, you can find time to rest and you’d better spend it traveling. No matter what you are going to do: to lie in the sun-warmed sand, listening to the sound of the sea, or enjoy the frosty air in the snow-capped mountains, or perhaps listen to the history and attractions of the Battle of unknown countries; no matter where you are: at home or abroad far away, it is important to let your body and soul rest, enjoying every moment, to find new emotions, sensations, to make acquaintance with new people. Expanding your space, you enrich yourself, grow culturally, think of many things, which had not previously noticed, you want the best. For some people, the trip is an integral part of their existence and the inspiration for the birth of ideas. Like a bird in a cage, which spends its days watching out the window, a man is sitting safely in one place, not knowing that there is the whole world waiting for him. If you want to add one more joy to your life – travel!

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They say that children are the flowers of life. How much joy they inspire in our hearts! Walking through the park, we could not help watching the carefree play of children, they are smiling, running to swing, jump, fall, and rise again towards adventure. The happy atmosphere around them envelops me too, my mood improves and the thought comes that life is beautiful. It is a real happiness to have a baby! To grow, to cultivate, to give a part of yourself to him, to enjoy the first steps of a baby, the first excellent mark, give advice and listen. They also say that young children are small problems, big kids are big problems, to some extent this is true, but look at it positively, it is impossible to protect yourself from problems and failures, and you can not hide your child from all the problems and realities of our world. The child must overcome the disease, sorrow, disappointment, and sadness on his own, and there will always be loving parents next to him. When you find yourself in the arms of your child and hear: “Thank you for everything”, you will feel incredibly happy!


Nature has an incredibly powerful effect on our lives. Waking up in the morning in the sun, we enjoy a clear day; watching the rain – women rejoice the future bountiful harvest, the children enjoy the first snow, and especially the first summer day. So if you feel sad and lonely go to the fresh air, stroll in the surrounding area of the city, and even better walk in the woods or in the forest, listening to the calm chirping of birds. Walking not only raises the mood but also leaves a good mark on your health, you will easily solve your problems take better decisions. Who would not expect the May holidays? When you may leave the worries of everyday life at home and have a picnic with your friends in the spring forest! Lie down on a blanket with a happy smile and enjoy the view of dancing pines. Who has not watched with delight the sunset, the sun rising over the sea, a rainbow in the sky, snowflakes melting on a warm hand? We are also the creatures of nature, and therefore it would be logical to spend more time in the fresh air.


Do you have a pet? If you don’t, take one necessarily. Be sure you will get maximum of joy out of him and you will get a new best friend. Each of your humane friends has families, business, and only your pet will always be there waiting for you, and he will never refuse to play. In the evening, he will humbly wait for his master, you will also feel his joy of your arrival, looking at him. The responsibility for another life will open your eyes to many things. Let your pet stain the house sometimes, chewing on furniture, peeling wallpaper, interfering with your sleep, all these are little things which may become funny episodes of your life.

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Many of us are dedicating a large part of our lives to work, so it is important that we are not only financially, but also morally satisfied. It’s nice to do things you love and get fun together with payment. If your work suppresses you, it’s a signal to change it, there are no hopeless situations and unsolved problems. Life is short and it’s not rational to live your every day in a depressed, tense atmosphere. Find an occupation that you really love and master it. If you are free of duty, find an interesting hobby for yourself – and you will feel happy complete human being.


No doubt – food is one of the best joys of life. Ice cream will cheer up children and chocolate – women. The scientists proved that people who love chocolate are more likely to have a positive attitude. Have a good evening, ordering an elegant dinner in a restaurant, cook something delicious together with a loved one. No man can resist the fragrant meal, cooked by his wife. All problems will be settled, anger will be replaced with mercy, as soon as the man’s hunger will be defeated. The smell of coffee in bed will settle all the problems and the woman forgive her husband all the forgotten dates and unfulfilled promises. Therefore, use a tasty and healthy food as a weapon against stress and mental depression, treat yourself to a cup of cappuccino and a slice of cake, but certainly know the measure, so that the food does not become a compulsive thought.

Small Pleasures

Happiness consists of small pleasures. It’s wonderful if you had a beautiful day, purchased the thing which you had long dreamed of, got rid of the problems that had long troubled you, arranged a holiday, fell in love. In a world there are many things that make us happy every day, Something happens with us every day: we are laughing, joking, dreaming. Little miracles happen to us, we organize pleasant surprises, we love and feel that we are loved. You are the whole world for someone, you can change somebody’s love without knowing it, as well as rescue someone. You do not know what awaits you tomorrow, but life will surprise you anyway.

What else can be done to get rid of stress and feel happy?people

  • Be happy today!
  • Be unpredictable, allow yourself a little fun, see a particle of joy every day.
  • Be joyful at the moment, smile to the people and they will smile to you in return. Do not pay attention to minor problems – everything disappears and they will disappear.
  • Every day you should think about what you have, rejoice your health, well-being, think about global things, do not worry about anything.
  • Forget all the negative, remove it through sports, leave a place only to positive emotions.
  • Think optimistic, hope for the best, consciously fill your life with pleasant moments.

Once you have found where the stress hides, try to imagine it. What does he look like? What color does it have? Now the problem has gained a real shape, and it is necessary to get rid of it.

Now, again, listen to yourself. Tension has left you, it means that somewhere in the body there is some free space. You need to understand where it was formed. Imagine how this space is filled with a sense of lightness and tranquility. Imagine what these feelings look like, imagine their shades. The more detailed you imagine positive feelings, the longer they will stay with you!