Online-Pharmacies Cons and Pros

Despite the fact that city pharmacies are literally at every corner, and their shelves crammed with colorful packages of drugs, more and more people are buying medical products via Internet. Conveniently. Fast. Cheap. Who become regular online-pharmacy customers and how to keep them in this virtual space?

Regulars customers of online-pharmacies are people who value their time and do not want to spend it in drugstore lines, even if there are not more than two or three people. Service «home delivery» is successfully used by those who are currently not able to buy medicines in offline mode (e. g., people in the country, mothers who can not leave unattended children, students, office workers). Ordering online is especially convenient if a person is sick – after doctor home visit he will not have to run to the pharmacy or ask relatives to do it. And for people with disabilities. It is much easier to make a phone call, make an order, and within a few hours to get necessary medicine.

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In the Comfort of Your Home

Online-pharmacies websites present almost complete range of medicines and drugs, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, physiotherapy devices, products for children and other health products. This range, of course, increases consumer loyalty to online sales.

An evident advantage of shopping online is anonymity and privacy. Customers don’t have to worry about revealing their «secrets» if they use services of reliable source. Buying via Internet allows you to make choice without haste, in comfortable environment. Another attractive issue is price. Compared with similar drugs sold in local pharmacies, online purchase costs much cheaper. The most reliable online-pharmacy with reasonable prices is Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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Register and Get Discount

To promote service serious «online-players» on pharmaceutical market offer customers discounts and special offers.

A trifle, but it’s always a pleasure for customers to save some money. For example, Canadian Health and Care Mall offers 10% discount on any purchase for registered users. To get Canadian Health and Care Discount Code, you need to register, get confirmation and follow further instructions on website. The value of discount can be no more than 10% of total sum. The greater the total amount of your order, the more money you’ll save.

What are the Risks?

Behind online-pharmacies visual appeal often appears Law violations, as well as suspicious unreliable services. It is through online-pharmacies infringing goods or products that have not passed standardized are distributed. The online-pharmacies owners do not publish their contact information, making complaints process problematic. And their actions remain unpunished.

Another common illegal practice is selling drugs without a prescription. Chasing for profit, pharmacies owners do not want to realize that this can lead to loss of consumers’ health. Paid delivery can be regarded as questionable service. Sometimes it coincides with price of the product purchased.


Several years ago, American experts have issued advice for Internet-pharmacies owners, that are still of current interest.

According to their point of view, online-pharmacy can not exist without such service as «specialist advice» so that customer could ask any questions and get advice on drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, goods for mothers and babies, orthopedic products. On website you need to indicate your address and phone number. Here are some rules that are important to follow:

  • all drugs, that are included in assortment, should have certificates of analysis and a obligatory pass system of government control;
  • Internet-pharmacy must take full responsibility for proposed products quality and strive to ensure that all consumers are satisfied with services quality. Therefore, cooperation should be carried out exclusively with reliable manufacturers, which have a license to engage in this activity;
  • online instructions to implemented drugs are necessary. Then client can know indications for drug use, side effects and contraindications (and will not buy medicine, which is for certain reasons contraindicated to him);
  • inform client on delivery cost when placing an order;
  • it is important to continuously expand the range of products, focusing on demand. Release items of pharmaceutical products – skin care products, juices, baby food, herbal teas, diapers, mineral water, etc. And do not forget about advertising. Or else how can customers know about your pharmacy?
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