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One of the most hated questions for pharmaceutists from customers: “Can you give some good antibiotic? I have sore throat”. Why in this case person in a window begins to shake, and his eyes are poured by blood? Actually it is simple to understand such emotions: despite general belief, antibiotics are is impossible to cure the vast majority of catarrhal diseases, their unauthorized intake will only worsen health of the person and will provoke emergence of the mutating species of bacteria for which it is necessary to create new medicines. But when intake of antibiotics on advantage and how they need to be taken do not do much harm to itself and people around?

What Is It?

Antibiotics are no other than waste products of microorganisms (most often fungus) and their synthetic derivatives. They either cause death of bacteria, or interfere with their growth and reproduction. Command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to know more about the useful effect of antibiotics in treatment of severe infectious disorders.


Bacteria are unicells which occupy practically everything, except blood and cerebrospinal fluid, and in total their weight at the adult makes several kilograms. But, naturally, not everyone is hazardous to health, and some of them are even useful. In viruses which cause infections too there are less bacteria, these are more perfect microorganisms operating according to the complicated scheme.

The most important thing which needs to be known about antibiotics is that they are powerless against viruses, they fight only against bacteria, some species of parasites and fungal infections. Cold, flu, bronchitis and many other diseases which people worldwide are likely to treat with antibiotics most often and have the virus nature and is extremely rare — bacterial.

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When to Apply

Often catarrhal diseases of any origin last only 1-2 weeks and the only thing that can be made, are to remove symptoms. But sometimes nevertheless at a bacterial infection the doctor for some reason (age of the patient, the general state of health etc.) can write out antibiotics.

To distinguish a viral infection from bacterial is not so easy. Sometimes even laboratory researches are required. For example, it is impossible to define because of what there was a sore throat, having just looked at it. Both the virus, and the irritating factors which are airborne and streptococcal (bacterial) infection can be the cause. Only in the latter case antibiotics are appointed including to prevent development of rheumatism, and with it heart disease as well.

Most often bladder infections, skin infections, hard proceeding sinusitis, pneumonia, some ear infections have the bacterial nature. The most widespread disease of children which is necessary to be treat by antibiotics is acute otitis media.Order antibiotics and other drugs via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

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