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Why is Viagra the Best Choice for You?

Viagra is a drug for men, that increases potency and treats erectile dysfunction. Its can obtained in any pharmacy nowadays, as it is the most popular and effective means for potency enhancement. For those who want to save a great deal on these pills, in the Internet there are lots of pharmacies offering generic version of the drug at considerably lower price.

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But before you decide on buying Canadian Pharmacy generic Viagra, you need to get a clear idea about the drug itself and its action, contraindications and side effects. And if after reading this article you are sure that this product is for you, the pharmacy offers a special discount for all orders on the website and also Viagra Canada free samples, so that you can appreciate all the advantages of this «magic pill».


Essence of Premature Ejaculation

Twenty years ago, definition of «premature ejaculation» had very clear parameters: everything that lasted less than two minutes automatically made you a man with sexual problems. A little later, attitude towards premature ejaculation changed somewhat – now it is understood as a condition in which ejaculation occurs either before onset of sexual intercourse, or immediately after its onset.

Alas, this is the «number one» problem for many men, and, as a rule, failures associated with premature ejaculation are then projected onto whole sphere of intimate life.


Effective Methods of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Stress, sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and bad habits – everyday attributes of almost every modern man – lead not only to poor health, but also to problems in sexual sphere. Need for medical solution to problem of impotence occurs in elderly and in young people. And feeling of false modesty causes representatives of the stronger sex to postpone visit to doctor, but in vain. After all, the earlier diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction begin, the sooner it will be possible to return to full sexual life.


General Information about Erectile Dysfunction

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as inability of a man to achieve or maintain erection, sufficient to introduce penis into vagina and perform satisfactory sexual intercourse. Such common sexual disorders as decrease in sexual desire, rapid ejaculation and infertility do not apply to erectile dysfunction symptoms. Violation of erection significantly affects quality of life of most men who suffer from it.


Cialis for Sexual Disorders Treatment

Today over 150 million men all over the world have some problems with erection. Specialists on this problem claim that Cialis can help overcome such troubles and improve health sexual life. Doctors assure that this medicament will make sterner sex take erection problems more seriously.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis drugs have proved to restore men’s sexual function and the effect lasts for 24 hours or more; all this helps patients enjoy their intimacy without any problems. Fifth part of menfolk, suffering from erectile dysfunction, found Cialis as panacea for their sexual disorders.

Cialis Prescription and Action

The medicament serves for treating erectile dysfunction of any severity. It is recommended to take this drug 5-10 mg (20 mg maximum!) orally before sexual intercourse.

cialisCialis is referred to phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme antagonists. Its action is based on electoral and effective phosphodiesterase-5 blockade, which contributes to smooth muscle cell relaxation and blood flow increase in penis.

Today this drug are the only phosphodiesterase-5 antagonists, which effect lasts more then 24 hours. It is also worth mentioning that erection appears no other way, but in response for men’s sexual excitement. Thus, patients do not have to plan their sexual intercourse beforehand.

Safety in Cialis Use

For the moment over 4000 participated in various researches, that has shown that the preparation is not only effective, but also safe. Due to Cialis, erectile dysfunction improved at 81% of men.

Besides, patients say that Cialis is well tolerated. Although it has side effect, non of respondents suffered from them.

There is an interesting fact that Cialis action doesn’t depend on alcohol drinks and fat food. However, doctors advise not to abuse alcohol, because often this is the cause of erectile dysfunction problems.

Cialis Counterindication and Side Effects

First of all, it’s necessary to notice that erectile dysfunction is a very complicated problem and often requires specialist’s help for treatment. Therefore, before applying any drugs for erection stimulation, it’s better to consult a doctor. Cialis is a medication that proved itself as one of the best remedies for ED treatment. However, it should be remembered, in spite of all positive aspects, that Cialis, as any other such drug, has its side effects and counterindications.

The most common Cialis side effects are:

  • most frequent – dyspepsia (stomach upset), headaches;
  • rarer – backache, nasal stuffiness, myodynia, flushes;
  • seldom – ophthalmalgia, palpebral oedema, dizziness, conjunctivitis.

All these side effects may accur at absolutely healthy people. Medical men, and also those who applied Cialis say that this happens very rare and depends on constitutional peculiarities.


  • firstly, the medication is counterindicated to adolescent – at this period of life reproductive system is still developing and the drug may contribute to disorders;
  • men with heart diseases shouldn’t take Cialis if they are counterindicated to have sexual life;
  • men with hypersensitivity and allergy to tadalafil, active substance which constitute the preparation;
  • Cialis should be used with caution after myocardial infarction and blood stroke less then 6 months before applying the drug;
  • the medication is counterindicated at such diseases as: cardiac angina, cardiac insufficiency, arterial hypotension;
  • men with priapism can use Cialis only after urologist prescription.


Cialis for Women

Not every women can perform immediate sexual excitement and high sexual libido. Stress, fatigue and various disorders decrease desire for intimacy even with regular partner. Female Cialis is a new means to get rid of these problems and other discomfort, such as:

  • sexual vigor disorder;
  • pleasure duration;
  • ability to have orgasms.

Thanks to the drug constituents female Cialis increases sexuality and stimulation sensitivity, therefore women during foreplay feel sexual excitement quicker and more effective.

Most active substances allow get rid of stress and depression.

The drug is applied 30 minutes before planned sexual intercourse and effect reaches its highest peak during first 2 hours. Cialis is effective during 24 hours than it is slowly removed from the body.

The medication has side effects, which appear seldom. It become most effective at continuous use and side effect, if manifested, disappear.