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Online-Pharmacies Cons and Pros

Despite the fact that city pharmacies are literally at every corner, and their shelves crammed with colorful packages of drugs, more and more people are buying medical products via Internet. Conveniently. Fast. Cheap. Who become regular online-pharmacy customers and how to keep them in this virtual space?

Regulars customers of online-pharmacies are people who value their time and do not want to spend it in drugstore lines, even if there are not more than two or three people. Service «home delivery» is successfully used by those who are currently not able to buy medicines in offline mode (e. g., people in the country, mothers who can not leave unattended children, students, office workers). Ordering online is especially convenient if a person is sick – after doctor home visit he will not have to run to the pharmacy or ask relatives to do it. And for people with disabilities. It is much easier to make a phone call, make an order, and within a few hours to get necessary medicine.

online pharmacy

In the Comfort of Your Home

Online-pharmacies websites present almost complete range of medicines and drugs, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, physiotherapy devices, products for children and other health products. This range, of course, increases consumer loyalty to online sales.

An evident advantage of shopping online is anonymity and privacy. Customers don’t have to worry about revealing their «secrets» if they use services of reliable source. Buying via Internet allows you to make choice without haste, in comfortable environment. Another attractive issue is price. Compared with similar drugs sold in local pharmacies, online purchase costs much cheaper. The most reliable online-pharmacy with reasonable prices is Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Register and Get Discount

To promote service serious «online-players» on pharmaceutical market offer customers discounts and special offers.

A trifle, but it’s always a pleasure for customers to save some money. For example, Canadian Health and Care Mall offers 10% discount on any purchase for registered users. To get Canadian Health and Care Discount Code, you need to register, get confirmation and follow further instructions on website. The value of discount can be no more than 10% of total sum. The greater the total amount of your order, the more money you’ll save.

What are the Risks?

Behind online-pharmacies visual appeal often appears Law violations, as well as suspicious unreliable services. It is through online-pharmacies infringing goods or products that have not passed standardized are distributed. The online-pharmacies owners do not publish their contact information, making complaints process problematic. And their actions remain unpunished.

Another common illegal practice is selling drugs without a prescription. Chasing for profit, pharmacies owners do not want to realize that this can lead to loss of consumers’ health. Paid delivery can be regarded as questionable service. Sometimes it coincides with price of the product purchased.


Several years ago, American experts have issued advice for Internet-pharmacies owners, that are still of current interest.

According to their point of view, online-pharmacy can not exist without such service as «specialist advice» so that customer could ask any questions and get advice on drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, goods for mothers and babies, orthopedic products. On website you need to indicate your address and phone number. Here are some rules that are important to follow:

  • all drugs, that are included in assortment, should have certificates of analysis and a obligatory pass system of government control;
  • Internet-pharmacy must take full responsibility for proposed products quality and strive to ensure that all consumers are satisfied with services quality. Therefore, cooperation should be carried out exclusively with reliable manufacturers, which have a license to engage in this activity;
  • online instructions to implemented drugs are necessary. Then client can know indications for drug use, side effects and contraindications (and will not buy medicine, which is for certain reasons contraindicated to him);
  • inform client on delivery cost when placing an order;
  • it is important to continuously expand the range of products, focusing on demand. Release items of pharmaceutical products – skin care products, juices, baby food, herbal teas, diapers, mineral water, etc. And do not forget about advertising. Or else how can customers know about your pharmacy?

Canadian Health and Care Mall: Viagra like Niagara

As you know, Viagra was originally developed as a remedy for quinsy. Men all over the world should be grateful to the residents of Welsh town – Merthyr Tydfil. It was there determined in 1992 during the tests showed a remarkable side effect of Viagra.

How many futurologists of the recent past have tried to forecast what other wonders of the human mind will be created to the end of the twentieth century. Some said that it would be defined the effective cancer treatment – faulty judgement. Others believed that it would be carried out controlled thermonuclear reactions and humanity will get inexhaustible energy sources – one more faulty judgement. Others hoped that it would discover the universal field theory, the scientific research of Einstein. Fourth predicted men’s flight to Mars – and again faulty judgement.

And however, at century sunset, scientists have made an invention, which futurologists can not even dream of. Even in the “rainbow” dream such a victory of human genius over nature cannot be never predicted. Michurin was right saying: “We can not wait for favors from nature, our main task is to take them by our own.” And – we take. We took mercy of the nature and shared it worldwide.”

Viagra FallsCanadian Health and Care Mall  claims that names of researchers who discovered nitric oxide role in normal erection development and maintenance are now known to all – Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro. Discovering “Viagra” was, apparently, third greatest “random” discovery in medicine – after the discovery of X-rays and penicillin.

These discoveries were awarded the Nobel Prize. This was the highest award in the autumn of the year 1998 and researchers who discovered Viagra properties were granted there. The history of Viagra began in 1992 in Sandwich Pfizer, UK during pharmacological research of “Pfizer”.

The researchers conducted clinical trials of a new drug – sildenafil citrate, which was developed as a means to treat a variety of heart disorders. Researchers hoped that sildenafil citrate will contribute to blood flow increase to cardiac muscle and blood pressure.

However, it was noted that sildenafil citrate has no significant effect on any blood circulation to cardiac muscle (myocardium) or on blood pressure. In parallel, it was found that many male patients who participated in the study refused to return the sildenafil pills, despite the end of testing.

The reason was the only one – they all claimed about sharp improvement in erection quality. Thus, in spite of the minimal impact of new drugs on blood flow in the myocardium, sildenafil caused significant blood flow to the male genitals. Researchers of pharmaceutical company “Pfizer” reacted to this unexpected property of sildenafil citrate, with due attention and were able to recognize a powerful tool to combat erectile dysfunction which now may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall at attractive price.

The new drug was called Viagra – the name was created as derivate of word – “Vigor” meaning power, energy and Niagara – the most powerful waterfall in North America. Mechanism of Viagra action is simple: the drug increases the amount of blood flow into the carvenous bodies. It also helps man to call a natural erection.

Viagra works only when a man feels a natural sexual excitement, and when sexual intercourse is completed, penis naturally returns to the relaxed state. In other words, Viagra performs only as erection natural mechanisms and this is undeniable novelty and secret of huge popularity.male sadness because of impotence

Since 1993, long-term clinical trials began, necessary to confirm Viagra properties. As a result of these tests the high Viagra effectiveness has been proven. Viagra started to be applied at impotence treatment being high drug safety. And as a natural ending – 27 March 1998, the US Department of Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Viagra.

Since then, Viagra began its victorious offensive march across the world. Excitement was hail. During the first week of Viagra on sale were issued 247,666 prescriptions. The second week has increased the number of sufferers for more than 50,000! As a result Viagra brought $ 1 billion income only in 1998.

In clinical trials of erectile dysfunction treatment with Viagra 3,000 men were involved aged 19 to 87 years, conducted in all countries of the world. The duration of erectile dysfunction in these patients was on average 5 years (range 6 months to 26 years), and erectile dysfunction have organic, psychogenic and mixed nature.

Immunodeficiency Treated by Canadian Health and Care mall

ImmunodeficiencyImmunodeficiency is a set of various organism’s conditions under which functioning of immune system of the person is broken. Under such a state infectious diseases arise more often usually, last very hard and last long. By origin the immunodeficiency can be hereditary or primary and gained or secondary. At different types of an immunodeficiency infections the upper and lower airways, skin and other organs are damaged. Weight, a version and character of a disease course depends on immunodeficiency type. At immunodeficiency at the person autoimmune pathologies and allergic reactions can develop.

There are two types of immunodeficiency, they are as it was mentioned above primary and secondary. Primary immunodeficiency is a disease of immune system of hereditary character. This disease is transmitted from parents to children and remains throughout all human life. There is a set of various forms of primary immunodeficiency. According to the medical statistics the similar state is shown at one newborn on ten thousand. The part from known forms of primary immunodeficiency is shown right after the child’s birth, and other forms of an illness for many years can not be shown in general in any way. Approximately in eighty five per cent of cases the illness is diagnosed at young age (till twenty years). Primary immunodeficiency in seventy per cent of cases is diagnosed for boys as the most part of illness syndromes is directly connected with the X-chromosome.

Secondary immunodeficiency is an existence in a human body of acquired immune system diseases. Because of the weakened immunity the human body very often is attacked by various infectious diseases. AIDS is the most known example of a secondary immunodeficiency. This illness can develop as a result of radiation, medicines, various chronic diseases.