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How to Survive Stress without Consequences for Health?

Economic instability, fear of losing your jobs in the crisis – all this leads us to a greater or lesser extent of stress.

What is stress?

Many people tend to think that they experience stress only due to negative emotions. However, it is not true. Stress is a reaction to any external or internal changes.The cause of stress can be a banal lack of sleep, hunger, changes in atmospheric pressure, excessive physical activity, illness, and even too much fun. Meeting any of these factors, the body needs to respond properly, to adapt the work of all internal organs and systems to the situation, to make them act not as usual.stress

Experiencing stress, the cardiovascular system operating changes, blood pressure rises, heart rate accelerates, blood vessels constrict, bowel tone changes. Sometimes these changes have consequences, sometimes stress can cause serious diseases:

  • asthma;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes;
  • stomach and intestinal ulcers;
  • even cancer.

As stress affects every cell of our body, it’s not always possible to guess which organ will be vulnerable. However, it’s possible to prevent the negative effects of stress.

Three Stages

Experiencing any stress factor, people pass through three stages:

The reaction of anxiety. The body mobilizes all its resources to cope with the situation. At this point, the brain makes a decision as to which of the body structures must work harder, and what organs, in contrast, should reduce their activity.

The stage of resistance: a person adapts to the situation and the body is able to operate in “emergency” mode for quite a long time. And when a stressful situation is solved, there comes a stage of exhaustion.

The stage of exhaustion: the time when you need to rest and make up for the resources. If all three phases are passed correctly, stress will bring no harm to the body. On the contrary, it will become a kind of training that will prepare the person for the meeting with the following non-standard situation.

However, if the body was not able to recover and have to face a new stress, it can lead to health problems – a person simply does not have enough strength to withstand stress. Canadian Health&Care Mall advises not to forget about preventive measures that can increase resistance to stress and protect against a number of diseases.

Follow your nutrition

healthy styleIncorrect diet is an additional stress for the body. Therefore, make sure that there are enough vitamins and minerals in your organism, eliminate or at least limit the harmful products in your menu. Especially salt. Excess salt changes the adrenal glands – organs that are responsible for the production of adrenaline and cortisol, the so-called stress hormones. If the adrenal glands are not working properly, blood flows in an excess amount of hormones. And they, in turn, negatively affect all organs and systems. (more…)

Guidelines How to Live without Stress

Human life is an invaluable gift. Unfortunately, people forget about this fact, transforming their lives into a string of dull and dreary days. How to break this vicious circle? How to start enjoying your life in spite of everything? How to start “living”? Canadian Health&Care Mall will guide you.family2

In fact, you can develop the ability to enjoy your life the same as you develop other skills. However, there are exceptions. For example, in rare cases, a person can not experience positive emotions because of irregularities in the brain or due to prolonged use of certain types of drugs. Certain diseases also lead to long-term depression. Of course, in such situations, a person needs qualified medical help. But in other cases, each person can independently change his life. There is no universal formula for happiness. But there is a wisdom accumulated for centuries and there is a whole science devoted to the subject. All this knowledge may become an assistant guide for anyone who wants to learn to love and enjoy life. The past and the present researchers are paying particular attention to the following factors that influence the perception of life.

Inferiority complex

Everyone knows about inferiority complex. Man imposes himself an ideal image, which must comply with, and then he suffers a long time, because the only thing a person sees is his imperfection, comparing himself with the invented ideal. The difficulty is that the ideal forms in the childhood, at the subconscious level. A person has to undergo long and hard work to consciously accept himself with all the advantages and disadvantages. But the result is worth it. The only one who truly loves himself – really loves life and other people.

Control and condemnation

complexIt’s difficult to imagine the destructive power of desire to control everything that happens. Blame and attempt to change the world and the people in accordance with the own worldview leads to the inner desolation, to the disappearance of harmony, and in addition to the denial of personality. Getting rid of the desire to control events, family, friends, and yourself, you may get free from criticism of the world, from the emphasis on the negative, and then it is possible to see the beautiful side of life.

So, the second way to learn how to enjoy life is to accept life in all its diversity. A man can find positive sides in everything. You should take the family with all disadvantages. Every time when you have a desire to show discontent, you need to find a way to change your attitude to what is happening. Of course, sometimes you have to change not the attitude, but the situation, but this should be done without inner conviction.

The lack of internal development

As soon as the personal growth ceases, the life becomes a survival. It is not always felt on the material level. But inside there is a feeling of dissatisfaction, vague anxiety. Therefore, one should never stop in the personal development. Limits of perfection do not exist. Even when you achieve wealth, you should not forget about spiritual development. If your life has become a constant running around, you should stop and analyze, in what area you would like to show yourself. Personal growth leads to fulfillment and it is one of the best ways to start enjoying life again. (more…)