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How to Survive Stress without Consequences for Health?

Economic instability, fear of losing your jobs in the crisis – all this leads us to a greater or lesser extent of stress.

What is stress?

Many people tend to think that they experience stress only due to negative emotions. However, it is not true. Stress is a reaction to any external or internal changes.The cause of stress can be a banal lack of sleep, hunger, changes in atmospheric pressure, excessive physical activity, illness, and even too much fun. Meeting any of these factors, the body needs to respond properly, to adapt the work of all internal organs and systems to the situation, to make them act not as usual.stress

Experiencing stress, the cardiovascular system operating changes, blood pressure rises, heart rate accelerates, blood vessels constrict, bowel tone changes. Sometimes these changes have consequences, sometimes stress can cause serious diseases:

  • asthma;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes;
  • stomach and intestinal ulcers;
  • even cancer.

As stress affects every cell of our body, it’s not always possible to guess which organ will be vulnerable. However, it’s possible to prevent the negative effects of stress.

Three Stages

Experiencing any stress factor, people pass through three stages:

The reaction of anxiety. The body mobilizes all its resources to cope with the situation. At this point, the brain makes a decision as to which of the body structures must work harder, and what organs, in contrast, should reduce their activity.

The stage of resistance: a person adapts to the situation and the body is able to operate in “emergency” mode for quite a long time. And when a stressful situation is solved, there comes a stage of exhaustion.

The stage of exhaustion: the time when you need to rest and make up for the resources. If all three phases are passed correctly, stress will bring no harm to the body. On the contrary, it will become a kind of training that will prepare the person for the meeting with the following non-standard situation.

However, if the body was not able to recover and have to face a new stress, it can lead to health problems – a person simply does not have enough strength to withstand stress. Canadian Health&Care Mall advises not to forget about preventive measures that can increase resistance to stress and protect against a number of diseases.

Follow your nutrition

healthy styleIncorrect diet is an additional stress for the body. Therefore, make sure that there are enough vitamins and minerals in your organism, eliminate or at least limit the harmful products in your menu. Especially salt. Excess salt changes the adrenal glands – organs that are responsible for the production of adrenaline and cortisol, the so-called stress hormones. If the adrenal glands are not working properly, blood flows in an excess amount of hormones. And they, in turn, negatively affect all organs and systems. (more…)

Alcohol and Drugs: Who Will Win, and What Will Happen?

All of us at least once visited the doctor – it is rather difficult to argue with this statement. Amount of factors having unfavourable effect on human body, increase significantly year after year: broken environment because of scientific and technological progress development, rapid tempo of mega policies in combination with stress, mutated forms of virus, with which scientists do not have time to grapple.

The list is endless. Treatment regimens astonish by their multilayer approaches. If earlier drugs had to be taken over weeks, now it is enough injections course for a period of 3 days – and you are up in arms about living and enjoying life. Wonders will never cease!

However, in society there is well-formed opinion that everything going from pharmaceutical factory conveyor carries both benefit and harm. Certainly it is not groundless. But this article is not really about that.


I would like to observe, perhaps, the most common matter in dispute: Is it true that you should not drink alcohol in combination with medications? And give us a good example in which alcohol would be obligatory during medicamentous therapy.

And, first of all, canadian health care antibiotics are going “come into conflict” with alcohol. Horrific stories of death, momentary appearance disfigurement – a great option for the next Hollywood thriller, but not for reality. Everything is much simpler.

Antibiotics of canadian healthcare are a group of drugs that perform when their sufficient quantities accumulated in organism. They are also recommended to be taken at the same hours (e.g., 8 am and 8 pm). In general, for a maximum activation it is necessary to perform a certain number of conditions.

At alcohol consumption you come back to starting position it means original antibiotics of canadian care immediately stop to perform. Their effectiveness falls to zero rapidly. The result is that the inflammatory process is not blocked, a significant proportion of beneficial intestine bacteria is ruined by health care antibiotics. And if you do not want to transfer this or that disease into a chronic one, the course in any case has to be renewed. If you are afraid medications which are of of doubtful origin you are welcome on Canadian Health&Care Mall Pharmacy to place an order for antibiotics online directed to eliminate any symptoms of infectious disorder.

Another group of pharmaceutical drugs – painkillers. You still do not know why doctors do not recommend them to take in any case of “pain catching you”. It’s simple: these drugs are damaging enough for our liver and give it a burden much stronger. And simultaneously you take a lot of alcohol – lust imagine it. It’s difficult even to envision how your liver will survive after such a stress, “loaded” by painkillers and alcohol!
But there are those medications that are used intentionally with alcohol they are appointed by doctors themselves – by narcologist.

Treatment of alcoholism, as many of us know, include a number of procedures, which are united by one concept – coding. This technique has a surprising demand. Maybe because of its visibility.health care online

Here is disulfiram. The drug, which is given to the patient at the same time with certain amount of alcohol. What’s happening? In humans such side effects as fever, possible nausea, general malaise are observed. Taking together, these side effects negative influence on human brain. However, they have a strong impact on the level of human consciousness. It may help you to overcome dependence from alcohol when you are taken medications together with alcohol.

There are certainly severe consequences when medication is taken with alcohol. But mostly they are related to a separate group of drugs, and the doctor will inform you about possible complications. In all other cases there is a common organism intoxication.

Yes, and alcohol does not appear in any medical encyclopedia. And definitely it will not. However, its existence makes pharmacists to present reference materials with new developments aimed at combating “degree” addiction.