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Online-Pharmacies Cons and Pros

Despite the fact that city pharmacies are literally at every corner, and their shelves crammed with colorful packages of drugs, more and more people are buying medical products via Internet. Conveniently. Fast. Cheap. Who become regular online-pharmacy customers and how to keep them in this virtual space?

Regulars customers of online-pharmacies are people who value their time and do not want to spend it in drugstore lines, even if there are not more than two or three people. Service «home delivery» is successfully used by those who are currently not able to buy medicines in offline mode (e. g., people in the country, mothers who can not leave unattended children, students, office workers). Ordering online is especially convenient if a person is sick – after doctor home visit he will not have to run to the pharmacy or ask relatives to do it. And for people with disabilities. It is much easier to make a phone call, make an order, and within a few hours to get necessary medicine.

online pharmacy

In the Comfort of Your Home

Online-pharmacies websites present almost complete range of medicines and drugs, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, physiotherapy devices, products for children and other health products. This range, of course, increases consumer loyalty to online sales.

An evident advantage of shopping online is anonymity and privacy. Customers don’t have to worry about revealing their «secrets» if they use services of reliable source. Buying via Internet allows you to make choice without haste, in comfortable environment. Another attractive issue is price. Compared with similar drugs sold in local pharmacies, online purchase costs much cheaper. The most reliable online-pharmacy with reasonable prices is Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Register and Get Discount

To promote service serious «online-players» on pharmaceutical market offer customers discounts and special offers.

A trifle, but it’s always a pleasure for customers to save some money. For example, Canadian Health and Care Mall offers 10% discount on any purchase for registered users. To get Canadian Health and Care Discount Code, you need to register, get confirmation and follow further instructions on website. The value of discount can be no more than 10% of total sum. The greater the total amount of your order, the more money you’ll save.

What are the Risks?

Behind online-pharmacies visual appeal often appears Law violations, as well as suspicious unreliable services. It is through online-pharmacies infringing goods or products that have not passed standardized are distributed. The online-pharmacies owners do not publish their contact information, making complaints process problematic. And their actions remain unpunished.

Another common illegal practice is selling drugs without a prescription. Chasing for profit, pharmacies owners do not want to realize that this can lead to loss of consumers’ health. Paid delivery can be regarded as questionable service. Sometimes it coincides with price of the product purchased.


Several years ago, American experts have issued advice for Internet-pharmacies owners, that are still of current interest.

According to their point of view, online-pharmacy can not exist without such service as «specialist advice» so that customer could ask any questions and get advice on drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, goods for mothers and babies, orthopedic products. On website you need to indicate your address and phone number. Here are some rules that are important to follow:

  • all drugs, that are included in assortment, should have certificates of analysis and a obligatory pass system of government control;
  • Internet-pharmacy must take full responsibility for proposed products quality and strive to ensure that all consumers are satisfied with services quality. Therefore, cooperation should be carried out exclusively with reliable manufacturers, which have a license to engage in this activity;
  • online instructions to implemented drugs are necessary. Then client can know indications for drug use, side effects and contraindications (and will not buy medicine, which is for certain reasons contraindicated to him);
  • inform client on delivery cost when placing an order;
  • it is important to continuously expand the range of products, focusing on demand. Release items of pharmaceutical products – skin care products, juices, baby food, herbal teas, diapers, mineral water, etc. And do not forget about advertising. Or else how can customers know about your pharmacy?

Alcohol and Drugs: Who Will Win, and What Will Happen?

All of us at least once visited the doctor – it is rather difficult to argue with this statement. Amount of factors having unfavourable effect on human body, increase significantly year after year: broken environment because of scientific and technological progress development, rapid tempo of mega policies in combination with stress, mutated forms of virus, with which scientists do not have time to grapple.

The list is endless. Treatment regimens astonish by their multilayer approaches. If earlier drugs had to be taken over weeks, now it is enough injections course for a period of 3 days – and you are up in arms about living and enjoying life. Wonders will never cease!

However, in society there is well-formed opinion that everything going from pharmaceutical factory conveyor carries both benefit and harm. Certainly it is not groundless. But this article is not really about that.


I would like to observe, perhaps, the most common matter in dispute: Is it true that you should not drink alcohol in combination with medications? And give us a good example in which alcohol would be obligatory during medicamentous therapy.

And, first of all, canadian health care antibiotics are going “come into conflict” with alcohol. Horrific stories of death, momentary appearance disfigurement – a great option for the next Hollywood thriller, but not for reality. Everything is much simpler.

Antibiotics of canadian healthcare are a group of drugs that perform when their sufficient quantities accumulated in organism. They are also recommended to be taken at the same hours (e.g., 8 am and 8 pm). In general, for a maximum activation it is necessary to perform a certain number of conditions.

At alcohol consumption you come back to starting position it means original antibiotics of canadian care immediately stop to perform. Their effectiveness falls to zero rapidly. The result is that the inflammatory process is not blocked, a significant proportion of beneficial intestine bacteria is ruined by health care antibiotics. And if you do not want to transfer this or that disease into a chronic one, the course in any case has to be renewed. If you are afraid medications which are of of doubtful origin you are welcome on Canadian Health&Care Mall Pharmacy to place an order for antibiotics online directed to eliminate any symptoms of infectious disorder.

Another group of pharmaceutical drugs – painkillers. You still do not know why doctors do not recommend them to take in any case of “pain catching you”. It’s simple: these drugs are damaging enough for our liver and give it a burden much stronger. And simultaneously you take a lot of alcohol – lust imagine it. It’s difficult even to envision how your liver will survive after such a stress, “loaded” by painkillers and alcohol!
But there are those medications that are used intentionally with alcohol they are appointed by doctors themselves – by narcologist.

Treatment of alcoholism, as many of us know, include a number of procedures, which are united by one concept – coding. This technique has a surprising demand. Maybe because of its care online

Here is disulfiram. The drug, which is given to the patient at the same time with certain amount of alcohol. What’s happening? In humans such side effects as fever, possible nausea, general malaise are observed. Taking together, these side effects negative influence on human brain. However, they have a strong impact on the level of human consciousness. It may help you to overcome dependence from alcohol when you are taken medications together with alcohol.

There are certainly severe consequences when medication is taken with alcohol. But mostly they are related to a separate group of drugs, and the doctor will inform you about possible complications. In all other cases there is a common organism intoxication.

Yes, and alcohol does not appear in any medical encyclopedia. And definitely it will not. However, its existence makes pharmacists to present reference materials with new developments aimed at combating “degree” addiction.

Canadian Health and Care Mall: Viagra like Niagara

As you know, Viagra was originally developed as a remedy for quinsy. Men all over the world should be grateful to the residents of Welsh town – Merthyr Tydfil. It was there determined in 1992 during the tests showed a remarkable side effect of Viagra.

How many futurologists of the recent past have tried to forecast what other wonders of the human mind will be created to the end of the twentieth century. Some said that it would be defined the effective cancer treatment – faulty judgement. Others believed that it would be carried out controlled thermonuclear reactions and humanity will get inexhaustible energy sources – one more faulty judgement. Others hoped that it would discover the universal field theory, the scientific research of Einstein. Fourth predicted men’s flight to Mars – and again faulty judgement.

And however, at century sunset, scientists have made an invention, which futurologists can not even dream of. Even in the “rainbow” dream such a victory of human genius over nature cannot be never predicted. Michurin was right saying: “We can not wait for favors from nature, our main task is to take them by our own.” And – we take. We took mercy of the nature and shared it worldwide.”

Viagra FallsCanadian Health and Care Mall  claims that names of researchers who discovered nitric oxide role in normal erection development and maintenance are now known to all – Robert Furchgott, Ferid Murad and Louis Ignarro. Discovering “Viagra” was, apparently, third greatest “random” discovery in medicine – after the discovery of X-rays and penicillin.

These discoveries were awarded the Nobel Prize. This was the highest award in the autumn of the year 1998 and researchers who discovered Viagra properties were granted there. The history of Viagra began in 1992 in Sandwich Pfizer, UK during pharmacological research of “Pfizer”.

The researchers conducted clinical trials of a new drug – sildenafil citrate, which was developed as a means to treat a variety of heart disorders. Researchers hoped that sildenafil citrate will contribute to blood flow increase to cardiac muscle and blood pressure.

However, it was noted that sildenafil citrate has no significant effect on any blood circulation to cardiac muscle (myocardium) or on blood pressure. In parallel, it was found that many male patients who participated in the study refused to return the sildenafil pills, despite the end of testing.

The reason was the only one – they all claimed about sharp improvement in erection quality. Thus, in spite of the minimal impact of new drugs on blood flow in the myocardium, sildenafil caused significant blood flow to the male genitals. Researchers of pharmaceutical company “Pfizer” reacted to this unexpected property of sildenafil citrate, with due attention and were able to recognize a powerful tool to combat erectile dysfunction which now may be ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall at attractive price.

The new drug was called Viagra – the name was created as derivate of word – “Vigor” meaning power, energy and Niagara – the most powerful waterfall in North America. Mechanism of Viagra action is simple: the drug increases the amount of blood flow into the carvenous bodies. It also helps man to call a natural erection.

Viagra works only when a man feels a natural sexual excitement, and when sexual intercourse is completed, penis naturally returns to the relaxed state. In other words, Viagra performs only as erection natural mechanisms and this is undeniable novelty and secret of huge popularity.male sadness because of impotence

Since 1993, long-term clinical trials began, necessary to confirm Viagra properties. As a result of these tests the high Viagra effectiveness has been proven. Viagra started to be applied at impotence treatment being high drug safety. And as a natural ending – 27 March 1998, the US Department of Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Viagra.

Since then, Viagra began its victorious offensive march across the world. Excitement was hail. During the first week of Viagra on sale were issued 247,666 prescriptions. The second week has increased the number of sufferers for more than 50,000! As a result Viagra brought $ 1 billion income only in 1998.

In clinical trials of erectile dysfunction treatment with Viagra 3,000 men were involved aged 19 to 87 years, conducted in all countries of the world. The duration of erectile dysfunction in these patients was on average 5 years (range 6 months to 26 years), and erectile dysfunction have organic, psychogenic and mixed nature.

Cialis for Sexual Disorders Treatment

Today over 150 million men all over the world have some problems with erection. Specialists on this problem claim that Cialis can help overcome such troubles and improve health sexual life. Doctors assure that this medicament will make sterner sex take erection problems more seriously.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis drugs have proved to restore men’s sexual function and the effect lasts for 24 hours or more; all this helps patients enjoy their intimacy without any problems. Fifth part of menfolk, suffering from erectile dysfunction, found Cialis as panacea for their sexual disorders.

Cialis Prescription and Action

The medicament serves for treating erectile dysfunction of any severity. It is recommended to take this drug 5-10 mg (20 mg maximum!) orally before sexual intercourse.

cialisCialis is referred to phosphodiesterase-5 enzyme antagonists. Its action is based on electoral and effective phosphodiesterase-5 blockade, which contributes to smooth muscle cell relaxation and blood flow increase in penis.

Today this drug are the only phosphodiesterase-5 antagonists, which effect lasts more then 24 hours. It is also worth mentioning that erection appears no other way, but in response for men’s sexual excitement. Thus, patients do not have to plan their sexual intercourse beforehand.

Safety in Cialis Use

For the moment over 4000 participated in various researches, that has shown that the preparation is not only effective, but also safe. Due to Cialis, erectile dysfunction improved at 81% of men.

Besides, patients say that Cialis is well tolerated. Although it has side effect, non of respondents suffered from them.

There is an interesting fact that Cialis action doesn’t depend on alcohol drinks and fat food. However, doctors advise not to abuse alcohol, because often this is the cause of erectile dysfunction problems.

Cialis Counterindication and Side Effects

First of all, it’s necessary to notice that erectile dysfunction is a very complicated problem and often requires specialist’s help for treatment. Therefore, before applying any drugs for erection stimulation, it’s better to consult a doctor. Cialis is a medication that proved itself as one of the best remedies for ED treatment. However, it should be remembered, in spite of all positive aspects, that Cialis, as any other such drug, has its side effects and counterindications.

The most common Cialis side effects are:

  • most frequent – dyspepsia (stomach upset), headaches;
  • rarer – backache, nasal stuffiness, myodynia, flushes;
  • seldom – ophthalmalgia, palpebral oedema, dizziness, conjunctivitis.

All these side effects may accur at absolutely healthy people. Medical men, and also those who applied Cialis say that this happens very rare and depends on constitutional peculiarities.


  • firstly, the medication is counterindicated to adolescent – at this period of life reproductive system is still developing and the drug may contribute to disorders;
  • men with heart diseases shouldn’t take Cialis if they are counterindicated to have sexual life;
  • men with hypersensitivity and allergy to tadalafil, active substance which constitute the preparation;
  • Cialis should be used with caution after myocardial infarction and blood stroke less then 6 months before applying the drug;
  • the medication is counterindicated at such diseases as: cardiac angina, cardiac insufficiency, arterial hypotension;
  • men with priapism can use Cialis only after urologist prescription.


Cialis for Women

Not every women can perform immediate sexual excitement and high sexual libido. Stress, fatigue and various disorders decrease desire for intimacy even with regular partner. Female Cialis is a new means to get rid of these problems and other discomfort, such as:

  • sexual vigor disorder;
  • pleasure duration;
  • ability to have orgasms.

Thanks to the drug constituents female Cialis increases sexuality and stimulation sensitivity, therefore women during foreplay feel sexual excitement quicker and more effective.

Most active substances allow get rid of stress and depression.

The drug is applied 30 minutes before planned sexual intercourse and effect reaches its highest peak during first 2 hours. Cialis is effective during 24 hours than it is slowly removed from the body.

The medication has side effects, which appear seldom. It become most effective at continuous use and side effect, if manifested, disappear.

About Antibiotics with Canadian Health&Care Mall

One of the most hated questions for pharmaceutists from customers: “Can you give some good antibiotic? I have sore throat”. Why in this case person in a window begins to shake, and his eyes are poured by blood? Actually it is simple to understand such emotions: despite general belief, antibiotics are is impossible to cure the vast majority of catarrhal diseases, their unauthorized intake will only worsen health of the person and will provoke emergence of the mutating species of bacteria for which it is necessary to create new medicines. But when intake of antibiotics on advantage and how they need to be taken do not do much harm to itself and people around?

What Is It?

Antibiotics are no other than waste products of microorganisms (most often fungus) and their synthetic derivatives. They either cause death of bacteria, or interfere with their growth and reproduction. Command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall to know more about the useful effect of antibiotics in treatment of severe infectious disorders.


Bacteria are unicells which occupy practically everything, except blood and cerebrospinal fluid, and in total their weight at the adult makes several kilograms. But, naturally, not everyone is hazardous to health, and some of them are even useful. In viruses which cause infections too there are less bacteria, these are more perfect microorganisms operating according to the complicated scheme.

The most important thing which needs to be known about antibiotics is that they are powerless against viruses, they fight only against bacteria, some species of parasites and fungal infections. Cold, flu, bronchitis and many other diseases which people worldwide are likely to treat with antibiotics most often and have the virus nature and is extremely rare — bacterial.

When to Apply

Often catarrhal diseases of any origin last only 1-2 weeks and the only thing that can be made, are to remove symptoms. But sometimes nevertheless at a bacterial infection the doctor for some reason (age of the patient, the general state of health etc.) can write out antibiotics.

To distinguish a viral infection from bacterial is not so easy. Sometimes even laboratory researches are required. For example, it is impossible to define because of what there was a sore throat, having just looked at it. Both the virus, and the irritating factors which are airborne and streptococcal (bacterial) infection can be the cause. Only in the latter case antibiotics are appointed including to prevent development of rheumatism, and with it heart disease as well.

Most often bladder infections, skin infections, hard proceeding sinusitis, pneumonia, some ear infections have the bacterial nature. The most widespread disease of children which is necessary to be treat by antibiotics is acute otitis media.Order antibiotics and other drugs via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Viagra at Canadian pharmacy

Generic Viagra can be available at the Canadian Health&Care Mall with great quality and some quite effective brand counterpart. Generic sildenafil pills are available in a variety of shapes and sizes which means that their pharmacological form is exceptionally diverse. This gives so much room to customization that you can twist your ED therapy in a way that offers vital dose amendment, easiness optimization and conditional flexibility. Sexual activity is something which is enjoyed when better and some good planning is done. There are a lot of men think that it will take them to go for ED drugs that take less on the uptake and the a pill which is taken about 20 minutes ago can get down to its work in the body during foreplay. If you use the Canadian Pharmacy Viagra in a sequence of spontaneity in your life you can enjoy a lot of sexual pleasure. If we have a look at the gel form of sildenafil which basically makes a faster absorption just after the drug has moved into your stomach and it is always ready to make the blood circulation speed up.



Mostly there are a lot of men who are intrigued by the various Canadian Viagra types.

  • First of All there is the Kamagra Oral Jelly which works in accordance with some same particular instances of Viagra.
  • The sildenafil gel when has a fruity flavor it adds to the quality of the gel and its pleasantness.
  • There are certain swallowing pills and small sachets which are a delight to save your day.
  • Some other types of Viagra which are softer coated and have a speedy process are by available in the market by names as Viagra Lozenges, Thin Film Viagra, Viagra Capsules and Viagra Soft Tabs.

Particular type of coating dissolves faster and such coating releases the blood circulation more speedily. Various Viagra pills are different in color and they are quite effective because they are the most efficient pills available in the Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Canadian Pharmacy pills

Viagra for manA stronger dose of sildenafil should be approved by your healthcare practitioner and once you start using that dose it should be made sure that you consider the use which is required for your age group. There are some other health conditions which can also be considered as contraindication for the use of stronger Viagra doses. There are several types of Canadian Pharmacy Viagra you can come across the types such as Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Extreme, Viagra Super Force, and Viagra Plus. These drugs have features and formulas with complete herbal ingredients that are important in the making of sildenafil citrate.

Canadian Health&Care Mall, Viagra 50mg is being consumed successfully by any patients because Viagra is safe and has a maximum response. Many of the patients find it very convenient to intake the pill because it can be easily broken in two and the other half can be kept for some other day. This will also save your money as well if you cannot afford to buy a lot of these pills.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Metabolic Equivalent of Task To Know about Erectile Function

According to the results of research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine magazine men who play sports irrespective of race, have the best sexual function, than the men leading a sedentary life.

300 male volunteers have taken part in this research. Depending on the level of their physical activity scientists have divided participants into several groups: the 1st group — men who lead mainly a sedentary lifestyle, the 2nd group — slightly active men, the 3rd group — moderately active, the 4th group — highly active. Level of physical activity of volunteers has been measured by means of metabolic coefficient (metabolic equivalent of task) — the relation of person’s metabolism level during physical activity to that at rest. The metabolic equivalent of task during training is better. Also volunteers have independently estimated individual sexual function, including ability to have an erection, an orgasm, quality and frequency of emergence of erection, sexual function in general. Improve your sexual function with Canadian HealthCare Mall online. You may place an order for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and improve your sexual function as fast as possible.

erectile function

Results of research have shown that highly active men at whom metabolic equivalent of task during trainings within a week was equal 18 had higher individual assessment of sexual function, irrespective of race, than the men keeping sedentary life. It should be noted that an equivalent 18 in a week is 2-hour intensive physical activity, for example, run or swimming, 3,5-hour moderate physical activity or 6-hour easy physical activity. Scientists have also established additional factors which exerted impact on sexual function at men: existence of certain diseases in the anamnesis, for example, diabetes or coronary heart disease, age of the participant, existence of addictions (smoking). Give up smoking and enhance your sexual function with Canadian HealthCare Mall.

According to scientists, the received results of research indicate the need of maintenance of healthy lifestyle for men, refusal of addictions, performance of physical exercises. However the complex and duration of such exercises have to be picked up in an individual order and are adapted under physical training of the person. In general even exercises of low intensity are better, than a sedentary life. Such exercises are capable to exert beneficial effect on health of men.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about “Male” doctors

Any man can face a problem of age erectile dysfunction sooner or later. Modern technologies of treatment will help to prolong quality of his life (and, not only sexual). What doctor is it better to address?

“Male” doctors

Ten or fifteen years ago the urologist was considered nearly as the only doctor to whom the man could handle problems of treatment urinogenital and sexual spheres. Erection violation was tried to be reduced to therapy of prostate diseases. But according to all available data from direct link between erection quality and prostate condition isn’t present.

Now the special sphere of medicine which is engaged in treatment of erectile dysfunction – sexology is allocated. The sexologist has to have knowledge in a complex, understand endocrinology, urology, neurology, psychology, psychiatry. The doctor is authorized to appoint to the patient all necessary researches: the analysis of prostatic fluid, ultrasonography diagnostics, blood test on determination of hormones level, blood test on cancer-specific marker (it is considered obligatory for men is more senior than fifty years). But in some cases it is better to entrust treatment of erectile dysfunction to the andrologist. And after that order necessary medications via website Canadian HealthCare Mall.

The andrologist is known as the doctor who is urged to cure diseases only of male genitals. Unlike the urologist he shouldn’t be engaged in diseases of all urinogenital system, including urinary tract, kidneys, bladder and so forth.

men with erectile dysfunction

Time Factor of Problem

As a rule, erectile dysfunction begins to disturb men who are more senior than fifty years when there is physiological climax. At women this period is capable to pass brightly, with obvious, very noticeable manifestations, and men have this stage usually smoother. The hormonal status changes, work of endocrine glands becomes more silent. Therefore working capacity, sexual and intellectual opportunities decreases, fertilization function will atrophy. The person feels that he gradually grows old.

Pathological Climax

There can be also pathological climax. Ahead of time there is a decrease in one function, usually – sexual. At the man in the middle age can observe total loss of libido, decline in quality of erection, ability to carry out sexual intercourse is also lost. Improve your health with Canadian HealthCare Mall.
The pathological climax is usually connected with the general disease such as:

  • diabetes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension;
  • defeats of cardiovascular system.

It is capable to lead to problem and internal genitals illness:

  • vesiculitis;
  • prostatitis;
  • prostatic adenoma.

Problem time in bed are caused by the malfunctions in nervous system work connected with backbone condition. Therefore process of erectile dysfunction treatment at pathological climax is begun with therapy of the main disease.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Viagra

Canadian Health&Care Mall decides to explain you the main interesting facts about Viagra which is effectively applied at erectile dysfunction treatment. Our online store has this preparation of various dosage and type. You may choose what you prefer the most but before you’d better to consult the doctor. Let’s grapple with these facts.

1. Strengthening of the family relations.

In the research center of Cairo in Egypt doctors use Viagra for restoration of the matrimonial relations. Results are promising: from 35 patients 32 could overcome the sexual problems less than for a month of preparation reception.
Objective of this research is to find ways of treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction (the physiological problem caused by stress). If results of this research are positive, then Viagra can become an effective solution of the problem of families in which the sexual relations have weakened or have stopped absolutely.

2. Cancer therapy.

The last researches have shown that Viagra can promote reduction of cancer tumors. Researchers have found out that Viagra helps to stop growth of tumor and to protect heart from damages at the combined reception with some drugs against cancer. Medicine under the name doxorubicine from chemotherapy series in a complex with Viagra can become more effective at prostate cancer therapy. Scientists claim that Viagra strengthens effect of doxorubicine and reduces extent of manifestation of side effects.


3. Rescue of the rare animals who are under the threat of disappearance.

In many areas of China for impotence treatment traditionally a tiger bone is used. While its tigers are under the threat of extinction. And tigers are the animals on whom hunting is conducted. Among buyers have great demand of reindeer horn and genitals of seal which, by hearsay, promote improvement of potency. In Canada because of it reindeers, bladder-nosed seals and the Greenland seals were practically disappeared. However with the advent of cheap and available alternative demand for horns of deer has dropped by 70%, and trade of seals in bodies has at all fallen into oblivion. But there is more easy way namely to order Viagra via Canadian Health&Care Mall and become again satisfied with you sexual life.

4. Preservation of extincted animals.

Long ago it is known that pandas in bondage don’t breed. They can quite be understood. Who will want to be engaged in such responsible business on public? But everything change several blue tablets. I don’t know how there at pandas in their native habitat, but in cells – at most 30 seconds and all. And here after Viagra reception process of pairing of pandas reaches 20 minutes. Especially, if to combine reception of blue tablets with viewing of special “erotic” movies for pandas that practices several years in a zoo of Volong (China).

5. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Some consider that reception of Viagra can be dangerous to the people having cardiovascular diseases. But researches show that Viagra can successfully be applied to treatment of many of them including heart failure. This illness develops when heart isn’t able to pump over large volumes of blood any more that causes short wind and pulse increase.

Use of Viagra improves ability of heart to pump over blood, affecting with that the disease prime cause. Besides, problems with blood circulation already in itself can be the cause of impotence. In addition, reception of Viagra normalizes blood pressure, and use of blue tablets much cheaper and less dangerously in respect of side effects, than traditional therapy. Anyway, Viagra can become the real panacea for millions of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Do We Know or Hearing Right About Meldonium?

With the recent buzz about Maria Sharapova and Mildronate, Canadian Health and Care Mall throw some light on the drug, otherwise known as Meldonium. Meldonium/Mildronate is a drug with its origins in the European country of Latvia. It is known to be in existence since the 1970s, when a chemist in Latvia happened to chance upon its discovery. As a result, it is sold as an over-the-counter drug in Russia, Ukraine and parts of Europe (such as Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries). It is used in the treatment of certain cases of heart problems.

What is Meldonium?

Meldonium is a drug or a prescribed medication for the treatment of Ischaemia. It is the condition in which there occurs a lack of blood flow to certain parts of the body. It is especially prescribed to treat heart failure or angina.

What Does It Do To The Body?

Meldonium is typically known to increase blood flow in the body and provide an oxygen boost. This in turn improves the exercise capacity of the person. Canadian Health&Care Mall says that it is a hormone and a metabolic modulator and hence has been classified as an S4 substance under Wada code.

In the scientific language, Meldonium/Midronate is known as Mildronate (3-(2,2,2-Trimethylhydrazinium)propionate with the chemical formula C6-H14-N2-O2 and molecular weight of 146. It is an antiischemic drug which was developed and designed in order to inhibit the process of carnitine biosynthesis. It is a natural process that requires/demands high amounts of oxygen so as to function. Apart from treating cardiac ischemia and its consequences, it is also found to have a considerable effect on the Central Nervous System (CNS) in a way that it helps improve the mood or feeling of the patient. It also reduces motor dysfunction faced by some of the patients prescribed to it. As a result, the dizziness and nausea linked to it reduce as well.

Maria Sharapova

The Mechanism

Canadian Health&Care Mall survey shows that Meldonium is popular amongst the sports persons as it is known to increase their endurance and boost performance in sports, especially that of the athletes. It also facilitates quick recovery after exercising and reduces stress in addition to enhancing the central nervous system’s activities.

Meldonium is found to inhibit the substance I-carnitine found in the body. I-carnitine is responsible for carrying the trans-fats to the mitochondria in the cell, which is then burnt there to release energy for the body’s consumption. When this I-carnitine is blocked by Meldonium, it results in glucose being carried to the cell and burned instead to release energy. Now burning of glucose in order to release energy is a process that requires lesser amount of oxygen as compared to burning of trans-fats. Thus, this process leaves more amount of oxygen in the body to be utilized for other processes. In other words, we say it reduces oxidative stress and cellular damage and in turn, helps the body to consume energy more efficiently.

More Information Awaited

Over and above all the claims made above, Canadian Health&Care Mall clarify that Meldonium is still to be tested rigorously for further actions on the human body. A large number of the effects were concluded from the experiments carried out on rodents and a few more on humans directly. Although no strong comments can be made for and/or against Meldonium, it is known to have significant positive aspects which have made it a popular choice amongst the athletes and other sports persons.