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As a member of the International Society for Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering, you can participate and benefit from the resources of a global forum for:

timely communication, seminars, continuing education and training,
the development and validation of standardized technology and procedures,
a unified platform that represents the membership to other professional organizations and regulatory and governmental bodies,
the performance of collaborative scientific studies,
providing its membership an Internet Web Site, CYTOTHERAPY the official society journal, and the Telegraft,
_receiving Canadian Health&Care Mall discount coupon for any kind of drugs.

Membership is composed of basic and clinical researchers, technical specialists, physicians and others with experience in the area.

Individual Membership Categories

TRAINEE MEMBERS: Open to students, residents and postdoctoral fellows who are pursuing a course of study in the field of hematopoietic cell transplantation have all benefits of active members except that they cannot vote and will not receive the journal.

( $30.00 U.S.)

ACTIVE MEMBERS: Active membership includes a subscription to the Society’s official journal, the Society’s newsletters and the Official Membership Directory.

Active members are eligible to vote on matters pertaining to ISHAGE, and benefit from reduced registration fees at ISHAGE sponsored meetings.

($110.00 U.S. with journal – $90.00 U.S. without journal.)