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Canadian Health&Care Mall about Viagra

Canadian Health&Care Mall decides to explain you the main interesting facts about Viagra which is effectively applied at erectile dysfunction treatment. Our online store has this preparation of various dosage and type. You may choose what you prefer the most but before you’d better to consult the doctor. Let’s grapple with these facts.

1. Strengthening of the family relations.

In the research center of Cairo in Egypt doctors use Viagra for restoration of the matrimonial relations. Results are promising: from 35 patients 32 could overcome the sexual problems less than for a month of preparation reception.
Objective of this research is to find ways of treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction (the physiological problem caused by stress). If results of this research are positive, then Viagra can become an effective solution of the problem of families in which the sexual relations have weakened or have stopped absolutely.

2. Cancer therapy.

The last researches have shown that Viagra can promote reduction of cancer tumors. Researchers have found out that Viagra helps to stop growth of tumor and to protect heart from damages at the combined reception with some drugs against cancer. Medicine under the name doxorubicine from chemotherapy series in a complex with Viagra can become more effective at prostate cancer therapy. Scientists claim that Viagra strengthens effect of doxorubicine and reduces extent of manifestation of side effects.


3. Rescue of the rare animals who are under the threat of disappearance.

In many areas of China for impotence treatment traditionally a tiger bone is used. While its tigers are under the threat of extinction. And tigers are the animals on whom hunting is conducted. Among buyers have great demand of reindeer horn and genitals of seal which, by hearsay, promote improvement of potency. In Canada because of it reindeers, bladder-nosed seals and the Greenland seals were practically disappeared. However with the advent of cheap and available alternative demand for horns of deer has dropped by 70%, and trade of seals in bodies has at all fallen into oblivion. But there is more easy way namely to order Viagra via Canadian Health&Care Mall and become again satisfied with you sexual life.

4. Preservation of extincted animals.

Long ago it is known that pandas in bondage don’t breed. They can quite be understood. Who will want to be engaged in such responsible business on public? But everything change several blue tablets. I don’t know how there at pandas in their native habitat, but in cells – at most 30 seconds and all. And here after Viagra reception process of pairing of pandas reaches 20 minutes. Especially, if to combine reception of blue tablets with viewing of special “erotic” movies for pandas that practices several years in a zoo of Volong (China).

5. Treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Some consider that reception of Viagra can be dangerous to the people having cardiovascular diseases. But researches show that Viagra can successfully be applied to treatment of many of them including heart failure. This illness develops when heart isn’t able to pump over large volumes of blood any more that causes short wind and pulse increase.

Use of Viagra improves ability of heart to pump over blood, affecting with that the disease prime cause. Besides, problems with blood circulation already in itself can be the cause of impotence. In addition, reception of Viagra normalizes blood pressure, and use of blue tablets much cheaper and less dangerously in respect of side effects, than traditional therapy. Anyway, Viagra can become the real panacea for millions of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.