Canadian Health&Care Mall about Metabolic Equivalent of Task To Know about Erectile Function

According to the results of research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine magazine men who play sports irrespective of race, have the best sexual function, than the men leading a sedentary life.

300 male volunteers have taken part in this research. Depending on the level of their physical activity scientists have divided participants into several groups: the 1st group — men who lead mainly a sedentary lifestyle, the 2nd group — slightly active men, the 3rd group — moderately active, the 4th group — highly active. Level of physical activity of volunteers has been measured by means of metabolic coefficient (metabolic equivalent of task) — the relation of person’s metabolism level during physical activity to that at rest. The metabolic equivalent of task during training is better. Also volunteers have independently estimated individual sexual function, including ability to have an erection, an orgasm, quality and frequency of emergence of erection, sexual function in general. Improve your sexual function with Canadian HealthCare Mall online. You may place an order for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and improve your sexual function as fast as possible.

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Results of research have shown that highly active men at whom metabolic equivalent of task during trainings within a week was equal 18 had higher individual assessment of sexual function, irrespective of race, than the men keeping sedentary life. It should be noted that an equivalent 18 in a week is 2-hour intensive physical activity, for example, run or swimming, 3,5-hour moderate physical activity or 6-hour easy physical activity. Scientists have also established additional factors which exerted impact on sexual function at men: existence of certain diseases in the anamnesis, for example, diabetes or coronary heart disease, age of the participant, existence of addictions (smoking). Give up smoking and enhance your sexual function with Canadian HealthCare Mall.

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According to scientists, the received results of research indicate the need of maintenance of healthy lifestyle for men, refusal of addictions, performance of physical exercises. However the complex and duration of such exercises have to be picked up in an individual order and are adapted under physical training of the person. In general even exercises of low intensity are better, than a sedentary life. Such exercises are capable to exert beneficial effect on health of men.

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