ISHAGE is the professional organization for those working in the field of hematopoietic progenitor cell processing and manipulation for therapeutic applications.

IshageISHAGE is the professional organization for those working in the field of hematopoietic progenitor cell processing and manipulation for therapeutic applications.

Established in 1992, the Society provides a global forum for:

  • Communication, education and training;
  • Performance of collaborative scientific studies;
  • Development and validation of standardized technology;
  • Representation of the membership to other professional organizations and regulatory and governmental bodies.
  • Provide the abilities to make orders via  Canadian Health Care Mall discount coupon (

Membership is composed of basic and clinical researchers, technical specialists, physicians and others with experience in the area.

ISHAGE communicates with its membership via its official journal, the Telegraft, and this Internet Web Site.

Contact Information:


suite 401, 777 West Broadway,

Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5Z 4J7

Phone: 1.604.874.4366

Fax: 1.604.874.4378


P.Box 49,  Montebello, 0381 Oslo, Norway

FAX +47 22 52 43 20

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